3 Ways to Assess New Projects Using Housing.com

Last year, Bangalore delivered a stellar performance where property market was concerned. The city emerged as a clear winner in terms of rented houses in Banglore, property sales and new project launches in 2014. A lot of other prime markets have remained dormant in terms of sales. In north India, Delhi exhibited promise in 2014 by the revival of sales in the southern parts of the city. But these sales slacked as the year progressed. Noida was a promising market which seemingly failed. However in case of Noida, the truth is different. Even though the sales avenues in the city were exhausted, the territory has been abuzz with activity. In the coming times, one would be able to witness the launch of many new projects in Noida.

 Housing understands the requirements of the end users because of the constant analysis of consumer interactions. The portal therefore offers comprehensive amount of information regarding new projects which help end users learn about the prospects that the project offers and therefore can make their purchase decisions with ease.

 The following are the three ways in which an end user can assess new projects.

 1. Map Based Search

 Let us carry on with the example of Noida. An end user is interested in residential projects in Noida and has logged into housing.com to assess them. In the ‘New Projects’ section, this end user finds a project that seems to be offering the kind of flats that he/she likes. Apart from the details that are offered by the builder, housing.com uses the map view effectively to allow an end user to explore the project and the locality thoroughly. The wide view map shows the position of the new project and the end user has an option to view amenities like bus stations, train stations etc. on this map. These commuting facilities come marked in the map along with a highlighted route to the project site. This enables the end user to easily assess the distance of the amenities from the house. Restaurants, schools, parks, grocery stores are also included in the list to view on the map.

 2. Drone View
 In addition to the map facility, housing.com also offers a video taken by surveillance drones. This video is available with every new upcoming residential project in Noida. A drone is taken to the property site where it flies above the buildings under construction, recording not only the activity on the ground but also the entire view of the neighbourhood. This is a 360 degree view of the locality and it reinforces the interest in the project viability.

 3. Price Trends and Project Details

 In the project details, there are 3D photographs of each apartment type. A project may offer numerous types of apartments and each of them is highlighted perfectly with this 3 dimensional view. Housing.com additionally presents the amenities of the project in the tabular form so that the end users do not have to read through text. Additionally, a price trend graph is available highlighting the price trends in an up and coming locality. This also helps in making a purchase decision effectively. In

 Housing.com allows end users to virtually explore all new projects in the best manner possible. The amount of information provided from the portal is sufficient enough to gauge the viability of investment in that particular project.