6 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO to get higher ranking


As a user of WordPress you must know how to use all it’s built in functionalities and all its library plugins. They all are available for free. Most of the WordPress bloggers are unaware of some important plugins which are essential to get a top position in search engine results. Here we are with the post to let you know those important plugins. These plugins are SEO plugins but each has its own feature. Let us discuss more about them.

  1. Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin:

Yoast helps you to add Meta value for your blog homepage. You can also add Meta value for a single blog post. You can follow social SEO rules with this plugin. It creates your sitemap file which you can exercise for further modifications. You can also control indexing of your blog. This plugin also integrates some other features of plugins like Robots Meta and RSS footer.

  1. Brocken link checker

It is very useful plugin to find out all the broken links of your blog. It can find all the internal as well as outer broken links. The broken links are also called as 404 links. Such 404 links are dead end for search engine. It is too important to remove such links. This plugin may not work properly for some blog posts. It is recommended for you bloggers to use this plugin on low traffic day only.

  1. SEO Smart Link WordPress plugin:

This plugin can help you to link your words to any post link. This help in on-page optimization. You can find out high ranking keywords of your content. To find these high ranking keywords you can get the help of Google webmaster tool. You can then enhance ranking of your site. You must first exercise Google’s linking algorithm and you must also know your internal linking.

  1. SEO friendly Images:

If you want to drive traffic on your site through image search engine, you must optimize images before inserting them in your blog content. This plugin add an attribute ‘ALT’ in images of your content. Practice giving images a correct name which will be relevant to concept. This will be good as per SEO rules.

  1. SEMRush

Most of the professionals prefer using this plugin to gather analytics and insights of the competing blogs which can help them to improve their own SEO. It is a paid subscription and now used by SEO experts also.

  1. SEOquake

This is a plugin which can be installed as add-on on your browser. It is compatible with all the leading browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera. It provides all the information regarding SEO. This includes page rank, age, last update, alexa rank and all such factors.

All these tips and strategic plugins will improve your blog speed. You must give them a try as all of them are available for free. You can boost your blog’s reputation and popularity. Thus, improving rank and brand value of your site with these SEO plugins.