7 Ways to Publicise your New Website Design

When you have just revved up your business website with a whole new look and feel you want everyone to know, right? No matter what your reason for revamp may be – an anniversary, an accomplishment or even an award, here are seven great ways to get the word out! Flyers and business cards are still an extremely effective form of marketing, even in today’s digital society. Having a physical reminder is sometimes better than a 30-second-glance on Facebook. Think online and offline avenues.
Here are some of the best.

 Flyers are still an excellent way to get the word out. People still get them in the mail and read through most of them. They are still found under your car wipers when you’ve been in a shop for too long. Print media is still very much alive and well and it is a great way to get the word out. You can also get prints done online fast these days. Use Print-print.co.uk, the 24 hour printers, for example, and you will find out how affordable and fast you can get quality flyers to your door.


 If you have a large client base in your e-mail inbox, or database, then you may want to consider approaching this in a couple of different ways. You could send out a bulk mail message so that everyone knows. A digital version of your flyer perhaps? Or you could add a small announcement in the footer of all your e-mails for a little while, which will entice people to visit your site while you conduct business as usual.

 Hand Out Business Cards

 Whether it sounds old fashion or not, you should always have business cards. If you are going to be at an event that is related to your work in any way at all, then you should carry business cards. This is a wonderful way to give people not only your website URL but also your direct contact information. If you share a business, this ensures that everyone knows that lead is from you.

 As with any website, you should be highly conscious of using Search Engine Optimization. There are many different things to factor in if you want to rank high in a search. A wise combination of keywords, tags and social media are all things that will come into play when a search engine decides where your website falls.

 Using pay-per-click advertisements is a great way to bring traffic to your website. This will bring your website to people’s attention while they are on a site about similar services. The idea of pay-per-click is that the customer is looking for something, a similar advertisement pops up and then they click through to your website. The website that showed your advertisement will usually receive money in very small amounts per click.


 If you want to make sure you are catching every possible course of action don’t count out the power of an old fashion telephone call. Let your friends, family and co-workers know. Chances are they will be excited for you and they go check it out for themselves. Which leads us to the last topic…

 Word of Mouth 

People seem to have forgotten the power of word of mouth advertising. Those friends, family or coworkers that you told are probably going to tell a few of their friends who may need your product or service. From there those friends may tell a couple more. Don’t underestimate the old fashion way! Encourage people to share on social media, yes, but also face to face in conversations.