Android Application that Will Increase Your Productivity

We all are using smartphones in our daily day to day life. From Call, texting messaging everything is managed by our personal assistant known as a Smartphone. But using some good apps we can make it smarter. From Reading Sms to taking notes everything can be managed in more smarter way then we can imagine.
Do you ever imagine what if your smart phone announces the name of person or read text automatically for you. Just imagine how this can be so much handy that while sleeping or with phone in your pocket you are aware that who is calling you or texting you.
Smart Announcer comes with this idea to provide you hands free option to incoming calls or Sms or any other notification.
Smart Announcer application is available for only Android platform.
Features of smart announcer android application
1.       Hands Free Experience
This app is going to provide your hands free experience to respond the calls or text. Whenever someone calls you this app is going to announce name of person who is calling you as per your contact list. If any other application is accessing you calls or sms feature then this functionality can also extend over there.
Beautiful and elegant ui and sexy announcer voice make this app unique and stand out from other apps.
2.       Multiple languages
No is comfortable in English or same language. So for the ease this application also support various others languages.
·         French
·         Italian
·         Japanese
·         Korean
·         Russian
·         Spanish
·         Vietnamese
3.       Settings
When it comes to using this application you have lot of options to customize this application according to you requirement.

Let’s Dig deeper into settings
This application provides various settings such as
·         Call
·         Sms
·         Audio
·         Application
By enabling this feature callers name will be announced by this application.
We can set frequency Repletion or control various other options from this feature.
Similarly for sms features we can enable or disable announcement for this. Further we can also set the other options like read sms or not etc.
So Even the makers of this application consider it to be most important one.
ü  Set language
ü  Flip to mute
ü  Headphones
Also from play in enable or disable announcer for other modes too.
Application Setting
At last we can also control announcement for application
Highly recommended application for every android user. Also share this with all your friends and close one.