Blogger Introduce Threaded Commenting


New Year gift for all the bloggers by introducing Threaded commenting .Now in this feature we can differentiate between whether someone is making a general comment on the thread, or responding to another comment on the thread.

Checkout the screenshot below


How to enable Blogger Threaded comment:

Threaded comments function is enabled by default, provided that you meet these 2 requirements:

1.Your blog’s per-post comment feed is set to Full feed.

Here’s how you can check or change the setting:

  • New interface: Go to Settings > Other > Allow Blog Feeds > Custom > Per-Post Comment Feeds and set it to Full.
  • Old interface: Go to Settings > Site Feed > Advanced Mode > Per-Post Comment Feeds and set it to Full.

2.You’ve opted for Embedded comments.

Follow the steps below to switch to Embedded comments:

  • New interface: Go to Settings > Posts and Comments > Comments > Comment Location and select Embedded.
  • Old interface: Go to Settings > Comments > Comment Form Placement and select Embedded below post.

Hope you enjoy this New feature and also share it with your friends.