EaseUSTodo Backup is the only extensive tool you’ll ever need for your backups

EaseUSTodo Backup is another great little handy tool coming from a company that has steadily focused on delivering value for its users. Taking backups of your entire hard drives to prepare yourself in the event of a disk failure or unexpected disaster is a must for every computer user. EaseUSTodo Backup tool is developed solely for home and business users alike to easily clone their hard drives for recovery after disk failure or system damage.
The best thing about this handy tool is that it makes taking backups and recovering them back a piece of cake! It integrates well into Windows, also supporting Windows 8.1, and lets you open any Todo Backup file by double clicking on it and accessing individual files and folders for their recovery. This tool offers a comprehensive set of options to its users for backup and restore operations. There are three different types of backup operations that you canperform: Comprehensive, Incremental and differential, which we will talk about later.

The tool is easy on the eye and makes all the set of backup and recovery options accessible right from the main screen. This tool offers three main types of backups as seen above;disk partition, system and file backup.
Disk/Partition Backup

If you select the Disk/partition backup, you can get a complete backup of the selected disk. The information about your partitions is presented in a comprehensible fashion and you can select the destination location of this backup.
System Backup

System backup option offered by this tool is a one-click backup of your entire system without interrupting your present flow of work. The tool tends to eat up a little of your resources, as it is reported to take four processes during the backup process, but it is not much of an issue.
File Backup

This backup tool also allows users to backup individual files and folders including vast file formats like documents, photos, videos,applications, etc.You  will be presented with the screen as shown above and it will let you select individual folders from within different drives for taking its backup.
Disk Clone and SSD migration

Disk cloning could also be easily done with EaseUS Backup tool. You can select the source drive and the target drives and your hard drive partition will be completely copied or migrated to the new source accordingly. While on it, you can also perform migration/cloning of your hard drive to SSD partition, this tool also supports cloning Windows 8.1 to SSD.
Our Verdict – The best free backup tool
As far as its features and performance are considered, EaseUSTodo Backup tool blows away all other tools out of the water with its extensive offerings for home and business users. This is the only tool you should ever need for your backup needs.The home version of thistool is free and you can download EaseUSTodo Backup from here.

Our Rating –4.9 out of 5