Facebook Graph Search

Finally Facebook graph search is available on my timeline.If you are still waiting for this feature then grab

Facebook graph search here.

Already i am so much impressed with Facebook search Engine and used quite frequently to find information.

We also write about and tell you many interesting features of Facebook search engine.So we showed our wit and

Tell you about Facebook search engine.

So basically graph search is not like Google search engine but it help us to find data from our friends and connections.

Facebook graph search concentrate on depth of personalization. So now lets talk about Facebook graph

search in detail.

First change i notice when i activate graph search is

check out old Facebook layout

New Facebook layout

after using this new feature i find various useful stuff.

Now you can find your new girl friend through graph search.

Meet new people.Find good movies,pictures and lot more.

Still graph search is using beta version so it is limited to photos, interest,people and photos and it’s just a start.

just click on blue bar and you will find various option

You can find your old photos,your friend old photos,photos i like,games i like and much more.

so Facebook will take review of all this and make some useful from all this.

Some how it looks like Facebook is bringing world closer.

Personalized social media where you can find stuff according to your need.

My Experience with Graph Search

i love to eat so first i search near by restaurants .so i search for restaurants in home town.

i feel so much amazed to see accurate search result and find some thigh new .

Then i check current cities of my friend then again i feel amazed to see my friend circle all over the globe.

Also this search helps me find new and interesting group.

so i like this feature of Facebook and looking for more new add ons.

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