How to Accept All friend Request Automatically On Facebook

We Bring this article for Active users those who daily revive lot of friend request or if we have to accept large no of pending friend request at once.So its quiet time saving trick.We can Accept All of friend request with a simple JavaScript.

All you have to follow this Small procedure.
1.First of all visit Facebook pending request page.On this page you will see more option to view all your friends request pending.
2.Press Ctrl+Shift+j for chrome or Ctrl+shift+K for Firefox
3.This will open JavaScript console panel
4.Paste the following JavaScript
javascript:for( i = 1;i<document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]").length;i++){document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]")[i].click();}void(0);
It will take couple of seconds to accept all your friend request.Give your feedback Regarding this and if you still find any problem then feel free to contact us or comment below.