How to Backup Android Phones

Backing up phone data is extremely significant due to the reason that we are unaware if anything happens to our phone and we loose access to all our precious data. 
So today we are going to cover few ways to back up your phone data to minimize your burden from recovering in future. Contacts are in the topmost priority list to backup.
Below we are going to cover up some important steps to backup our application, contacts and photos.
We can backup either by using Google sync or using Application.  According to your suitability you can choose either of the two.
We are starting with a search engine giant Google sync
Google sync
Google sync allows us to backup App Data,contacts,drive,gmail,fit data,google +,photos,uploads and people detail. Google is already in concern about your Data.

How to back up data using Google sync

1. Go to settings in your phone
2. Visit account
3. Then choose Google account
4. Select the Google account
5. Simple check the data which you want to back and sync!!
Google is also providing one more option to backup your phone data is using Backup and restore option.
Goto Settings > Backup & reset > and check on Back up my data and automatic restore.

How to backup photos in android

In Android smartphone Google is separately providing option to backup photos by Google+ photos, In which there is option to auto backup your photos. If you are on auto back up mode then all your photos will be backed up automatically by Google+ profile. 
Also you can use one more application named  Dropbox to back your Phone photos. 
So choice is totally yours either to go for Google photos or Dropbox.

Backup photos using google plus

1. GO to photos Application
2. Select Auto back up
3. Sit and relax 
Now Google will automatically backup all your photos on google +.
Backup your photos using Drop box.

1. Go to drop box setting
2. Simply turn on camera upload.
We can access these pictures on any drop box account associated with same email id or visiting online or in your drop box folder.
Backup Android data using Application 

Now this is something interesting.This simple application allow us to backup our contacts,messages,call log too on a single click. Super back up create a files in our android devices and we have to restore it.
A lot of things strikes our ears, about how to backup photos, contacts etc.
But what about application which we installed. 
Lets discuss about how to backup installed applications.
Backup Android application

Super backup also allow us to create backup of all the application installed in our smartphone. This application save the apk file of all the application used by us. 
So whenever we are going to use our phone either using new android phone or resetting previous phone, We just have to install the application saved.
For this we have to select option in setting to install application from external source.
How to install application from external source in android?
As we all know that due to security reasons android don’t allow us to install external application. If still we want to install something then we have to do this job at our own risk.
1. Open the settings
2. Go to security
3. Then under the device administration and check the unknown source.
Note- This application is useful only when we are migrating from one android device to another or resetting our current phone.
SO after reading so many techniques to back up your data now you are very well aware of the procedure so far and can safeguard your data easily. We will keep on updating simple and easy ways to back up your data.
Share this article with all of your friends and still if you come across any problem in backing up your data feel free to contact us.