How to choose web hosting provider

Good host is very crucial factor while running online business. If you are not running your website on good host you may lose your business. Either you are professional blogger or representing your services or selling something none of them will work if host gets down or lagged may cause your user to switch to other website. Even In latest Seo updates High speed websites ranked in top in compare to slower ones.
So the question is how to choose better host. Most of newbies go for hosting which is cheap. So we have to choose which have to fit under our budget and also simultaneously giving us better performance. I personally suffer this issue when my website is not opening for weeks due to server issue and I lost all my traffic in a week.
So before choosing any new hosting keep in mind following points before proceeding 

Most of us look for this first. Choosing the cheapest host is not the best solution when are planning to run your business. Choose the host which provide you support and quality hardware at genuine pricing. Compare the prices and features and then go for hosting provider.
Hosting provider like Hosting Raja suits best in this segment as their support and assistance is far ahead then others and also quality of hardware they provide is excellent.
With cpanel various hosting companies provide extra features like one click install, free domain, security, domain forwarding, directory protection etc. so it may help user to enhance security and also helps non-technical person to setup their websites easily with ease and saves a lot of time.
3. Trust and Brand Value
Once I host my client website so unknown host. As misfortune happen there servers got crashed and I lost all my data. At last they don’t even backed up my data or help me to recover that. Due to this I lost one of my client. So just one small mistake cause a big loss to me. After that I used to backup all my data and also prefer to host on trustable brands like hostingraja etc rather than choosing some unknown.
4. Easy to upgradable
Once traffic starts coming there is an instant requirement to upgrade host plan. So always a better choice is to choose your current host rather than switching host again and again.
From shared Hosting to dedicated servers they helps to upgrade your site with  zero or less downtime.
5.Good technical team
If you need help in migration your websites from development server to production server then whom you contact first. Obviously your host provider so always check whether your host provider helps you whenever you require such a you want to configure your email webmail or anything else.
6.Secure and Safe
If your host is reputable and good then they always keep on checking for malware. They keep their eye to make hosting accounts to not infect by any external malwares also not allowed anyone to upload phishing files or scripts.
7. Control Panel
Even if you are not familiar with Saas or putty or ftp also don’t know how to install WHM .Don’t worry Most of hosting providers provide cpanel with services which let you access various features like phpmyadmin or file manage with ease and also help you to install various software’s with ease.
So I hope now you are ready to choose your hosting provider. If you still have any queries feel free to contact also. Also might be someone in your known wants to run online business. So share this article with your dear ones so that they might not get trapped with some shitty hosting providers