How to get Linkedin Premium account for free

LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networks that serves the purpose of making connection with professionals from all around the globe. You can find professionals from any field or stream or your college friends. With the set of such great features LinkedIn became popular among recruiters and professionals.

As per the restrictions, you can browse LinkedIn free membership on few profiles only. To look up further you need to upgrade your membership.

But the cool thing is that we can still browse all the LinkedIn profiles without upgrading it with the help of google. As LinkedIn is google friendly and all the profiles are indexed by google so even if LinkedIn is asking to upgrade we can still search using google.

So google search can help us to find out LinkedIn profiles and the benefit is that we can search 100 of profiles

How to search LinkedIn profiles using Google

1. Find people from of any country 

Here in this example we use India”profiles” -inurl:”dir/+”

2. Find people with job title ex web developer”web+developer“-intitle:”profiles” -inurl:”dir/+”

3. Find people with job title in particular country”web+developer“-intitle:”profiles” -inurl:”dir/+”

4.Find people with keyword”html“-intitle:”profiles” -inurl:”dir/+”

Just try out some tweeks with the following queries and you will get amazing and desired results what you are looking for on Linkdin

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