How to Lock Google Chrome

We have to keep everything secure to ensure privacy of our personal data, so we use password protection or double authentication.In this article I’ll show you how to lock Google chrome and keep you browser password protected. Google Chrome is the one the most used browsers, but we don’t only use it to browse. We use it to remember our passwords, bookmarks and also install some useful extensions. You probably don’t want somebody accessing your browser without your permission.Using ChromePW, an unauthorized user is refused to access the net, saved passwords, browser history, auto fill and other web information.
We are using a Google Chrome extension known as ChromePw.

The above picture shows how Chromepw is asking for a password.
Simply visit the website and install this extension in Chrome.The settings page will then appear asking for a password along with some other options. options.
Once you set the password it will store it in an encrypted form and, when you open up your browser, a prompt will appear asking for your password.
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