How to login to wordpress admin without password

WordPress is a widely known cms used by a lot of people every day. From blogger to developer there Is a need of word press. Along with popularity there is an ergent need of security too. So wordpress do not provide any kind of Two-way authentication.
Clef comes with an out of box idea to login your word press account without password. Clef is an android application and wp plugin needs to be installed simultaneously. cef scans the QR code and authenticate the login information.
To start using clef you need to download the mobile application and plugin from official website getclef.comClef is available for both ios and android version. Install the application and activate the plugin.

Clef plugin automatically alters the login system of the word press with wave or QR code which we have to scan from our mobile phones. So, it needs mobile device to log in your word press panel.
Even if your mobile device do not have an internet connection still it allows you to login to wp dashboard.
In case if you are using wordpress on your mobile browser then it will take you to the application and automatically log you in. So there’s no need to compare or match it with qr code.
Mobile works as as the key to access wp site and what happen if you lost your mobile or you don’t have access to your mobile phone. Clef already possess a solution to this problem too.
1. Simply visit
2. Deactivate your device.
Now you can login to your wp again with username and password. But I hope you remember your wp and password by that time 😛
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