How to Open Multiple Facebook Account In Google Chrome

Facebook is the biggest social network with more then 1.32 billion users.It is the platform to connect us and share.But its ridiculous to open Incognito window to Open Multiple Facebook accounts in different windows.To quickly login into Multiple Facebook Profile in just new tab we bring this trick.

There is a one popular Google chrome extension will help us to do so.
click here to install MultiLogin on your chrome browser.Log into multiple accounts on the facebook simultaneously.

with the help of MultiLogin you are not restricted to two fb accounts like Incognito.You can open as many profile as you want.

How to Use:
 * Click the extension icon -> a new tab will open-> sign into another account.
 * Right Click on a link -> open link in new identity
 * Right Click on the page -> duplicate page in new identity
Note- The prefix to the tab indicates the mask id, tabs with the same id mask the same identity.