How to schedule post on facebook


Social media is very useful now a days and using social media effectively is very helpful now a days for building brand. Today we are going to share how to schedule Facebook post so that you can use this manage all the updates according to time and users don’t feel like spam.

How to schedule facebook post

To schedule post is very much easy you don’t have to use some external services like hootsuit etc like that. Facebook itself provide this feature. But this feature works only for pages not for groups or wall post.


So to schedule post go to your fan page.

  1. Write the post or select image which you want to schedule.

how to schedule postClick on drop down button with post and there is option to schedule post.


  1. Select date for the post to be scheduled

how to schedule post on facebook

So now your post going to be published on that date.

see the list of schedules post

You can also see the list of all the scheduled post and also edit them if you want by going to list to post and select scheduled post.

list of scheduled post