How to share content automatically on social Media : Guide 2015

As social signals are very important for every blog to get popular in blogsphere. To spread the words of blogs we need to share content regularly on various social network websites. But this task is quiet time taking. Also sharing every new article consumes lot of time and energy. So how various popular blogger able to keep update their various profile same time even they are so much busy.
Instead of Spending their most of people so smart work to share their content online using various tools available like hoot suit or various scripts or extensions. Today we provide you a complete guide on social sharing which cans your content viral and social sharing easy.
So before going in depth let’s see various important social media accounts which we are going to cover out. In this tutorial we will various social media account like facebook,twitter,linkdin,google plus etc.
So let’s get into deep dive and explore how we can share content easily among mass audience.
How to share content automatically
Whenever the discussion of social media starts it always start with the word f I mean Facebook: P.
Facebook biggest social media giant used by almost everyone. Including this people also love to share stuff on various other networks such as twitter,google plus,linkdin etc. So we will discuss each of them one by one.
Note- Nowadays Network blog is not accepting any new bloggers.
1.       Hootsuit.
Hootsuit is so much popular social media account manager. It helps you to organizes various social media accounts together.we have this need need now to be engaged in the world of social media but we get so much messed up in checking facebook,twitter,linkdin,youtube all the social media account we use for effective communication in our day to day life. Oh I left out google plus.How could I leave out google plus.
How to overcome social media management to solves this problem we are going to use Hootsuit.
Add your social network
According to your plan you have limit to add no of social network.So free plan allow us to add upto 3 profiles.After login to Hootsuit profile connect the social network accout which you wish to be added.
Add streams and Tabs
Once we are able to add social network account we can add streams to dashboard of accounts such as facebook etc  which helps us to monitor ours social network account
In Hootsuit we can also schedule post.
Add Rsss feeds to Hootsuit.
·         Go to Settings (gear) icon then select RSS/Atom.
·         Select the plus button to add new feed.
·         Add your rss feed url
·         Select the social network and frequency of post.
AT last save feed. Such a powerful   tools which helps to to manage various social media accounts and also post on the behlf of us.
2.       Twitter feed
Twitterfeed is powerful twitter automation software which allows you to share you tweets .It saves your lot of precious time. So to use twitter we need rss feed of the blog.
Give a name to your feed, then enter the feel url at last click on test Rss feed option to check your feed.
Upon signing up will take you to the twitterfeed dashboard where you can create your new feeds or manage all of your feeds.
You can set frequency of tweets by visiting the settings page. We can also add various others popular networks such as Facebook etc using twitterfeed.So why not  to use twitter feed such  a powerful sharing method of your feeds which saves your time.
3. Jetpack publicize
One of the best wp plugin design to publish content. This plugin is design to supercharge To use such plugin user have to login to first. When you install jetpack plugin and connect with it will provide you set of tools in which publicize is one among them.
In the above picture mention showing content to wordpress. When you connect it to then configure the publicize option for further use.
After this Jectpack will ask for permissions to connect various social media accounts to post automatically. Connect all the accounts where you want to post. You can also select and deselect account when we are posting content.

Good part is that it also works with google plus and linkdin which is not supported by most of the others plugins and publishing service. So use this plugin to enhance your productivity.