How to transfer contacts from android to windows platform

Do you want to transfer you contacts from android to windows platform? Many people are on the same platform facing this problem of transferring there data from Android to windows platform.As both the operating systems are different,people find it difficult to transfer their contact info. So here we find the easy way to do this. We have a number of ways to backup contact but sometimes trick works and sometimes not. So after working on so many tricks here are with few working methods.

Google provides such an awesome cloud facility where we can carry our data anywhere around the globe.
So if we are using Android Smartphone Google will prompt to enter our Gmail id. We can sync our contacts online and make a backup. Afterwards when we change our smartphone we can use Google contacts.
Similarly we can transfer contacts using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
How to Transfer data

Here we are going to cover two working methods to transfer data
1. Using Google contacts

Google is providing excellent feature to backup all our contacts online.
1.Go to setting->Accounts in android.
2. Find Google Over there
3.Then list of all the Google accounts associated shows up
4.On left side there is a sync button to sync all your data or click on the account
5.Check the contacts and sync now from top right hand side.
Now you make a backup of all of your contacts on Google contacts. 
You can also check all your contacts online by visiting

Now On window’s mobile
1. go to setting ->Accounts
2. Add Google account
3. Use your same Gmail id and add it to your windows account
4. Sync your contacts now.
By this you can get you all the contacts on your windows phone from android phone.
2. Using windows Application

Windows phone is providing Application to transfer data from android phone to windows phone via Bluetooth.Application name is Contacts Transfer and Transfer my can use any one of application.
1. Install this application on your windows phone. In most of windows phone this app is pre-installed.
2. Open the application and connect it with Bluetooth of android device
3. Application will request for access in android phone.
4. Press yes or accept the request.
5. After this windows phone will  automatically start fetching the contacts from android smartphone.
Congrats !!  Now You can successfully transfer all the data from android phone to windows phone.
Most of the time sync method will not work successfully so we can use second which works most of the time.
Also it’s a good practice to backup all your data so that during the time of emergency we can always restore data successfully.If you still find problem in transferring data from android to windows then feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you. Also share this with all your friends.