Must-Know Pinterest Marketing Tips

If you run an e-commerce shop, Pinterest should be one of your main marketing platforms. You put so much time and effort into your quality, custom ecommerce web design, why not make sure potential customers will see it!
 1. By including a call to action, you can increase engagement by 80%. A call to action can be something as simple as, “Shop now!” or “Click the photo to shop!”
 2. Use a trending hashtag. How can you find these? By checking out popular pins or browsing Google Trends. Trending topics see a 94% increase in click thru rate! Also, your analytics will show which pins, boards and topics are popular with your audience.
 3. Use the following buzz words: want, look, need, and love.
 4. Add a price tag to your pins. Pins with prices get 36% more likes than those without a price.
 5. Descriptions should be 200 characters long – that’s long enough to be interesting and include hashtags or SEO, but not so long that people won’t take the time to read it.
 6. There is a 42% higher click through rate on tutorials, guides, recipes and DIY posts. Even if your brand isn’t directly related to these types of images, find a way to create or curate them to attract more followers. Remember, more followers mean more potential leads to your website!
 7. Any e-commerce business should apply for rich pins. These pins get higher click rates and they include extra information about your product, like a short description and the current price. Plus, when the price changes on a product, anybody who has pinned the image to their board will get an e-mail. 8. Color, brightness and other image esthetics have a lot to do with their popularity. Images with multiple colors get pinned more than single-color images; photos with medium lightness are pinned more than dark photos. 50% color saturation also gets more re-Pins than de-saturated photos.
 9. Images with under 10% background get up to four times the re-Pins as images with 40% white space. Pay attention to framing when shooting and, if necessary, take additional photos that are specifically optimized for Pinterest.
 10. Images without faces get almost 25% more re-Pins than images with faces. From rich pins to promoted pins and beyond, Pinterest is extremely important for attracting new customers and driving traffic back to your website.