Save your friends from outdated email-Google new Strategy


Now i think google is decided to beat all the other  email services.So now google find new ways so that large no of peple can join today when i check mine gmail account  i see a see thingh.So when i see a video i came to know that now google is going to smash the ass of other email guys u can also check out the whole story here.

Now, you can invite those friends from your email account in simple three steps > select a friend from your contacts > create a customized email > send to your friend. That’s all. Yes.

Before this see the new gmail style

The customized email sent by Gmail on behalf of you is as below:


I’m writing this note in order to help you. I know you’re still comfortable with your old email program, but I’d like to invite you to try Gmail — I’m pretty sure you’ll like it better. Gmail has world-renowned spam protection and innovative features that help you filter your mail, get to important messages more quickly, and search your entire mail history in seconds. You can even do cool stuff like video chat or call phones directly from your inbox.

All you have to do is have the courage to make the change, and I’m here to help. Are you ready?

This format is made for the first and default mailing out of three – Straightforward: I’m here to help. The other two message selections are: Concerned: I’m worried about you, and Outraged: You’re embarrassing me.

On the Email Intervention home page Google has embedded a video to make us know how the email intervention works, and also Google explains why people now need to switch to Gmail. There are options to send email intervention message to one or to multiple. Google tags this service saying, “It’s time to make the switch.”

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