Six Key Takeaways of Native Advertising

All types of marketing professionals should be aware of native advertising, which is advertising that blends in with the content it accompanies. It is through this form of advertising that content audiences are able to interact with advertisements in a less disruptive manner. Studies have shown that native advertising is more effective than traditional banner ads. Here’s a closer look at the top six takeaways of native advertising you need to be aware of.

Sponsored Content is Going to get Bigger and Bigger

Image via Flickr by Jason A. Howie
Sponsored content is becoming increasingly profitable. Sections on BuzzFeed and even The New York Times are benefiting from sponsored content. There has also been an increase in the infiltration of native advertising in the comments section on various platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

Budgets for Sponsored Content are Expanding

Business Insider projects $7.9 million will be spent on native ads this year, an amount that will balloon to $21 billion by 2018. The majority of this spending will be directed toward social media, such as sponsored content on Twitter and Facebook, which is also projected to bring in the most ad revenue.

Native Advertising is Reactive 

 When it comes to audience engagement, native advertising welcomes you to a whole new world of leaving a lasting impression. Through content, graphics, videos and even animations, native advertising allows you to present your marketing messages in a non-vexing manner.

 Mobile Advertising is Optimized by Native Advertising 

Because mobile advertising is not platform-dependent, native advertising is displayed the same as any other type of mobile content. Audiences may not even realize they are viewing or reading a sponsored promotion.

 Every Company Needs a Native Advertising Manager 

 Even the smallest of businesses these days need a marketing manager. When it comes to hiring one, it’s important to choose a person who has experience in native advertising. Fortunately, a marketing manager doesn’t have to work on a full-time basis. Many smaller companies are able to employ a marketing manager on a part-time basis and reap many of the advantages, including an increase in brand awareness and profit levels.

 The Native Advertising Industry Is Always Evolving

 As technology continues to evolve, so will native advertising. It is highly expected that at some time in the near future audiences will be connected to the Internet on a continual basis. This will lead to a whole new world of native advertising as marketing specialists scramble to understand buyers’ decisions and behaviors.

 Some Final Thoughts 

 When you’re carrying out a native advertising campaign, you’ll easily be able to decide whether the advertising messages are being appropriately displayed and received. If at any time you feel the messages are too abrupt or subtle, this means you’re not creating a true native ad. As with any type of marketing campaign, it’s best to bring on board a marketing professional who has many years of experience in the form of marketing in which you’re interested. A marketing professional with worthwhile and relevant services will be able to tell you how he or she has helped other companies via native advertising.