Some Changes Users Expecting From Facebook


Now a day’s Facebook is act as a second life for many people. They get so much addicted to facebook .Now if facebook is life for them then definitely we have to make our life better. So I found some stuff or some changes facebook must bring so that facebook will be better choice for users such as remove Facebook timeline etc and we will discuss all  of them in detail.

So here are some changes facebook should bring for better facebooking

1. Timeline

Facebook new timeline is become headache for many people’s get lots of messages regarding how to remove timeline. But it is irreversible effect and we cannot change it. Still there are some system method which can hide timeline on our system.

So facebook must allow users to switch back to normal profile.

also check out how to remove timeline

if you hate timeline then like this


2. Co admin in groups

If feel so  much happy  when facebook launches admin roles in pages so we expect same from facebook in groups

3. Include pages post in search

I write lot of articles on facebook search engine and i suggest facebook to display  pages post in search so as to make it better and help people to find appropriate  topic

4. Increase the display length of searched content

So when we search something we found limited content so Facebook also show older post.

check out here  i can only see public post posted 26 sec ago.

5. Trending topic

Like twitter and Google plus we are waiting facebook to  launch trending topic which use popular hash tag like #technowit

6. Bulk Friend request

This one is funny and only for humour because lot of mine friends come and say that their friend request is blocked by facebook .HEHHEHE people found lot of hot girls and send friend request in bulk way and they get blocked. So if possible then allow singles to add girls may be they find they love partner: P

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